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The Rat Patrol - Racing and Tech updates April 08

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The Rat Patrol - Racing and Tech updates April 08
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Quite a bit has happened since the last update...... this page you'll find a diary of tuning progress and development info....
Jan 08  - I decided that I needed to swap the heads out on my car due to the MPH falling away at the top end. The "Meen Teen" heads did their job in getting my car well into the 13 sec area, but I decided that in order to extract the most out of my combo , and to prepare for a tougher build down the track - Id need some heads with greater potential.

ATM the heads are stock 360 "587" castings with 1.96 tulip valves.
This modification alone was enough to lower my qtr mile time from 13.41 to 13.17, on street Firestone radials .

March / April 08
Recently  I've decided to address some "low cost" measures to help in getting every % from my engine.
I blocked the "heat riser / crossover" on my intake and fitted a clutch fan which the Mopar engine book says is good for a 5 HP gain.
The main thing Ive noticed is that the engine runs 50% cooler than  prior to this change.
I have also fitted a Ram Air box which houses a 3" K&N filter .
This brand air box is pretty cheap  compared to some of the competition (The Canadian company that markets  "Ram Air" is significantly more costly - and there's little differene between this unit and theirs).
My unit can be ordered through me if anyones interested in making the same mods.
I used household air-con ducting   - and a couple of 90mm plastic gutter elbows and box sections (all from Bunnings) seated below the stone tray provide a direct source of cold air.