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The Rat Patrol - Specifications

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The Rat Patrol - Racing and Tech updates April 08
The Rat Patrol - Specifications
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What you'll find here is a complete list of the current specifications that The Rat Patrol is running - it may also assist in providing assistance on your own build.......
0-60 mph - 4.96 secs
Qtr mile - 13.17



And finally...
Mopars doing what they do best, proving that its not in the cubes, but the combo ......
(Ed note - Well....I guess he can always go home and count his cubes......... ) 

Engine specs
  • 318 block / 360 crank, 360 heads running 1.96 intake valves
Engine Misc.:
  • HEI ignition sytem in Hurst Transistor Ignition case, ICE plug wires,  Petty Enterprises 1973 Nascar Cast iron elec Dist.(34 deg total advance),
  • Roush billet cannister oil filter , "Mopar Perf" splash tray sump, Roush billet cannister fuel filter,10.2:1 compression
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Ram Charger air box
Fuel & Tuning:
  • LD340 DP intake and 750cfm Carter
  • Twin 2.5" with QTP electric cutouts. Pacemakers with X pipe.
  • Factory adjustable rockers, Comp Magnum 282S solid cam. .495 lift, 234 @ .50
  • 904 T/flite with stage 2.5 shift kit and ShifterGate neutral lock out.
    3500 Continental stall converter
    Factory console.

  • 3.9:1 ratio BW Sure Grip LSD. 
    Factory weight - 3650lbs (with me in it).
Suspension, wheels & tires:

Mopar Perf. spring clamps .
Lakewood 70/30 front drag shocks, Hurst rear drag shocks, adjustable pinion snubber, Mopar spring clamps.

Tyres - Firestone Indy 500 radial 235 fronts /255 rears.

  • Wheels: 15" 1960's Fenton Hurst copies,.

  • Factory Burgundy colour with three Murphy 1966 "Blue line" gauges under the dash
  • Colour is Viper Platinum with Mercury silver engine bay.