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GREETINGS to all the readers out there...
I approached the publishing of this edition with some mixed feelings - because of events that have unfolded in the last few months and my decision to wind this E-zine down due to a lack of time .
Almost two months ago, a good mate of mine passed away. The circumstances are private and to some extent, un-important.
I wont "gush on here", but please take the time to read the "Tribute" page.
It is enough  to know that without Marks help, there would be a considerable number of Mopars out there not running the times they are, or even running at all  - my car included.
Readers may remember the "Little Teen that did" article from last edition? - It was Mark Ellis who built that engine.......that's just one example of how much poorer we are for his passing.
What we can learn from Mark's life is that its important for the life of the hobby to help those with an interest in learning about our cars, and we have a RESPONSIBILITY to help  coming into the hobby - after all, that person may be another "Mark" just starting out..
The "Tribute" page is the text from my speech at his funeral - so that others may get a closer insight into who Mark was....
Also in this edition...I've included some further updates on The Rat Patrol's development and a video.


Farewell for the time being.......    

Time has become my enemy to some extent, and so Im afraid that this will be the last edition of my Ezine for some time.

I hope readers have enjoyed reading the various articles Ive included over the last three years, and that you have also benefitted from the information Ive included.

Maybe you've also learned what NOT to do from my early problems with my engine build. - Either way, its all good because at least we keep learning!!!  

I bid you all good luck with your projects and happy driving.

Yours in Mopar


Mopar Mal and the Rat Patrol


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