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Moparmals "Best of" E-Zine (Online Magazine)

Frank N Charga

LInton Carters BIg Bad injected Hardtop - | Frank N Charga | The little teen that did!!!

Mopar Mals Ezine is pleased to introduce Frank Pana's 360 "Charga" as the second  star Interview!
Meet the "Frank N Charga!!"


Frank Pana is a rodder at heart, so when he decided to build a street machine, it was always gonna be different! 
Not that Frank was ever going to substitute substance for style, but for anyone who gets a chance to see his ride,  from the "CHARGA" plate to the fibreglass hood, you'll know that whether he's talking Mopar, or building cars, his approach has always been "in your face"!
The CHARGA was bought back in 1981 as a Mettalic Brown VH 770.  Frank and his brother had fun with their new toy after fitting a six pack to the Hemi and a 4 speed. Frank wanted more however...
So back in 1991 Frank pulled the car off the road. In went an 11.4 sec 360 Small Block, and the car was treated to the mods. you see today.
All in all the time off the road was arond 2.5 years. It features Autometer gauges, Prelude seats (the original 770 seats were basket cases), a custom interior done by a guy in Adelaide, hidden wiring, Mini tubs and other cool custom changes such as the scoop and Fibreglass hood.
He later sold the original heads, and went with a slightly milder combo..using factory J heads treated to some serious porting.
The car uses a reverse pattern fully manual valve body, changing a 727 trans.The wheels are centreline Pro Drags.
Currently Frank is experimenting with different induction set ups, having recently discovered a guy in the a US who sets up  old Carter Thermoquad carbs to flow 950 cfm!! This on an LD 340 Dual plane manifold makes for a very torquey street combo, while the small primaries on the carb make round town cruising a possibility without a second mortgage!!
Frank figures the car to be good for a possible high 11 pass, but would be satisfied with low 12's...



Franks Monster is well known on the Melbourne scene, but for those that know the car well, they may not have seen it around as much recently...the reason?   Frank is currently working on a street rod, as  a matching partner to his Charga, and from the looks of things, it will be just as wild and just as stay tuned for "Son of Frank n Charger"!!

The Specs.........
DIFF:                             Ford 9" running 4.3 gears
TRANS:                          Torqueflite 727 with reverse full manual
                                       valve body
CRANK / RODS:            Factory 360
PISTONS:                       KB
HEADS:                          Ported J Heads running 2.02 inlet valves
MANIFOLD:                   LD 340 DP or Victor SP
CARB:                            Holley


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