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Moparmals "Best of" E-Zine (Online Magazine)

LInton Carters BIg Bad injected Hardtop - | Frank N Charga | The little teen that did!!!


Get Carter!!!!
Linton Carter's Big Bad 440 injected Hardtop -





Eight of the best!!




Linton Carter reckons he’s been working on his car longer than he cares to remember….


This happens when you are as intent as Linton is on perfection, and when you have a busy life, where both work and play feature Mopar as a big part, and you have more than one project on the go….


But,  as one of four lucky guys to have been in the car when Linton mashed the “loud pedal” at a Chrysler show recently….I’d have to say that every minute spent on his latest  tribute to Mopar Horsepower has been worth it.


Outwardly, the car is a VF hardtop, running a hemi Dart scoop and some serious tubs. Look closer, whats this on the scoop?  “8 pack”???


Lift the hood and all is revealed…446 CUI of Mopar BigBlock, with each pot individually fed by its own sequential Autotronic Throttle body.


Linton is looking to start to provide a quality engine build up service for others who want to “go fast”..(his credentials as runner-up in Daimler Chrysler Australia's “Mechanic of the Year" help some…), and if the engine below presses the right buttons…say g'day to him at Albury, Im sure he'll be there! 




LInton Carters BIg Bad injected Hardtop -


Here’s the specs:


598Hp @ 6,300 At the flywheel.

574ft/lbs (778 nm) @ 4,300rpm.

Idles @ 625rpm on Synergy 8000 nicely


69 Six pack block

Lightened knife edged factory steel crank {Crankshaft rebuilders} which is factory internally balanced


Mopar solid 550" Camshaft


Pro ported 452' Cyl heads by Nathan Higgins (Melb)


Morrison 60mm Multi-trumpet intake <Made in Melbourne>

Bosch #363 Injectors <V8 supercar style>100hp injectors


VT Holden Bosch duel internal pickup distributor to crank up the EFI so I didn't need to run crank and cam sensors!


The Aussie made computer below which can adopt to almost anything!


Detroit locker Ford 9" diff with 4:11 gears 31 spline Moser billet axles


727 RB Torqueflite transmission with all A&A transmissions products inside with billet servo's,lightened sun shell,full manual valve body,Mopar perf cast alloy deep trans pan ect ect

TCE 4,300 rpm high stall

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