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The RAT PATROL  - US Style!!!

Heres an email I got from Matt Petco.  I met Matt and his dad in Detroit...Matt owns the original Rat Patrol !!
........HIs car is the first of 2 readers cars are featured in this edition.....Moparmal
Hi Mal, good to hear from you.
The Rat Patrol was one of the fastest street cars in Detroit in the late 70's early 80's
It was tubbed, with giant 14/32 slicks, max wedge motor, nitrous.  The car was named Rat Patrol because of how they used to beat up on all the Big Chevys. 


In the Mid 80's the car caught on fire!!!!, it was disassembled and garaged  until 2004 when I purchased it. 

We wanted to keep the theme of the old Rat Patrol, but  with 2005 technology.


We had the car painted black on a rotisserie, the car was tubbed, a 16 point chrome molly cage added, all new superstock interior, a 500 Cu inch indy cylinder head wedge motor added.
The rear end was changed to a narrowed dana with all strange components, strange 4 wheel brakes, and caltrac mono leaf suspension.




Recently the wedge motor was sold and the car will be getting a large cubic inch Hemi. 
Go right ahead with using the name, i don't mind, and yes id like to be copied on EZine.
Good to hear from you
Matt Petco