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Took The Rat Patrol to Heathcote raceway in February, where I ran a best ever time of 13.14 secs.
In March I went to Calder, but found replicating the time impossible due to the greasiness of the track - I ran a best time of 13.39 but the track conditions and the humidity made it all a bit of a waste of time.
In my opinion the Calder track is actually dangerous, and is ill prepared for anyone driving a vehicle with anything less than full on seriously wide drag slicks. 
What is even more disappointing is that even with the recent input of funding, the track adhesion  remains sub-standard.


I met a nice bloke at Calder with a 300C who was having all sorts of traction issues to begin with - by the end of the night he'd got his times down to a very respectable high 13 - It was his friend who took this and the picture below. 


Dont even ask how I came to be lined up next to this thing !!! - Im guessing they were doing a Road Test on it -
And yes - I won!!