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OzHemi Imports OZHI

WE now use Ebay as our main sale point for USED items.  and other forums that levy no fees continue to lend their support please ensure you patronise all the Australian Mopar forums.  
Main thing is: watch  this space : OZHI 
 for shipping times!!!...and please spread the word amongst those who dont know about us, or are yet to use our services.
Check out this page and do your own math....on how we can save you money!!




Who are we?

Jeff and Mal

OzHemi Imports - Started by Jeff Rubin of Garden Grove, California, to provide a cheaper option to people wanting to import heavy, expensive, or numerous parts from the US.

Mission? - to provide a cheaper option to people wanting to import heavy, expensive, or numerous parts from the US.

Strategy? - Using containers consigned through the reputable importer, Nashville Motors, of Melbourne, we use un-consigned container space.

Jeff oversees the loading of the containers at the docks in LA, Mal looks after the orders, quotes and shipping at the Australian end.


OzHemi Jeff – Jeff has worked in the auto industry in the US for most of his adult life.


He has imported the bulk of the nine current Aussie Chargers now in the US.  His bona-fides on container shipping have long been established.


MoparMal – Has numerous contacts with major retailers in the US.


He is also an active participant in the hobby, has his own web site and has supplied and supported local Mopar  Internet shop fronts.



Tel: 0412 677905


or check Moparmal’s Ezine!!

Next container shipping time:




Check in regularly for shipping times


(BOOKMARK THIS PAGE HERE!!! - simply request regular udates and I'll mail you)

So how does $350 to ship Edelbrock assembled heads sound?……Do the math!!, that’s landed for less than $2150 at current xchange!!


Or $100 to land that Air Gap?


Or $250 to land that stroker crank?….


Try getting that rate from UPS!!!


Or the wheels you wanted, or the block, crank,…..etc


So? what are you waiting for??

ATTENTION!!, we can also order on your behalf. (Note: deposits apply if you want us to buy!!)

All quotes are “all up”, landed in Melbourne. No additional tax or tariff charges apply... OR …

See something you want to bid on Ebaytm?...let us know...

We can do the whole thing for you, as we have a US registered  Ebaytm address and Paypaltm accounts.